Our Pink Barre Studios

Pink Barre strives to be a fitness and lifestyle concept with high quality, effective and safe programming for all clients. We believe in sustainability and have a keen focus on eco-friendly products and materials throughout our inspirationally designed studios. We are committed to our clients’ success and will provide personalized attention supported with enthusiastic guidance. We invite you to come experience a class at one of our beautiful studios located in Buckhead, Emory Point (Druid Hills), Virginia HighlandSandy Springs or Lake Lanier (Gainesville).

The Pink Barre Workout

Pink Barre is a barre-based total body workout that is a foundational exercise program combining core elements of pilates, isometric strengthening, ballet, and yoga while using the ballet barre for support. We emphasize proper alignment with movements emanating from the core. Clients will conduct precise, low-impact movements that will focus and work muscles to fatigue. We follow this with targeted muscle stretch to produce toned and balanced muscles at your arms, thighs, seat and core areas. Classes are traditionally 55 minutes in duration, efficiently programmed and set to motivational playlists. Results will be achieved typically after a single month of Pink Barre classes.

Our Philosophy & Core Values

Creating a sense of community and wellness in our neighborhoods is paramount to the team at Pink Barre. We have a sincere commitment for continuous improvement in our programming and will be frequently updating and modifying our class delivery in order to achieve superior results for our clients.

The benefits of barre-based workouts include:

  • Improved strength and flexibility
  • Muscle balance is achieved around major joints
  • Core strength
  • Improved posture and alignment
  • Long, lean, fit physique



What do I wear and need to bring?
Sticky socks are mandatory.  We sell them in the studio should you need a pair.  We also ask that you please wear capris or leggings (no shorts).  This maintains heat in your legs during the workout, which maximizes the work and subsequent stretching, while helping us maintain the cleanest, most hygienic studio. We provide all needed cushioned mats, weights, balls, and resistance bands.
When should I arrive?
Please arrive to class at least 5 minutes early –  10 minutes for your first class – and note that studio doors will be locked 5 minutes after class begins.
What results can I expect to see and when?
Most clients see and feel results in as little as 10 classes. This will vary depending on how often you attend class and your lifestyle and nutrition. Our classes are designed to be efficient and effective and provide a total body workout in one 55 minute session.
Can I take classes if I am pregnant?
Yes, it is recommended that you begin classes early in your pregnancy and you consult with your doctor before you begin any exercise program. Also, please tell your instructor if you are pregnant, so modifications can be provided prior to class.
What is your class cancellation policy?
Due to high demand for our classes, we ask that you cancel at least 4 hours before class to allow wait list participants to join our class. If you reserve a class but do not cancel within 4 hours your account will be charged.
Do I need dance experience?
No. The Pink Barre is a group fitness class, not a dance class. We incorporate ballet-inspired exercises into the workout, but they are taught at a basic level geared towards non-dancers (although, dancers tend to love the classes, too!)
Do you offer a beginner class?
We do not offer a beginner class. All of our workouts are “open level” and include modifications for new students. In any given class, you will discover clients of all ages and abilities.
How many classes per week are recommended?
We suggest taking an average of 3-5 classes per week, but that number depends greatly on your activity level outside the studio.
Will I lose weight on the Pink Barre program?

There is a strong chance that you will lose weight if you attend class regularly and follow a healthy diet. More amazing benefits include: increased lean muscle mass, beautiful posture, higher energy, and better fitting clothes.
Do I need additional cardio to supplement my workout?

You may not – Pink Barre classes are fast-paced and provide moderate cardiovascular benefits. While this may be sufficient for you, some clients prefer to incorporate 1-2 days of additional cardio per week
Do you offer specials to students or teachers?

Of course! We believe strongly in nurturing the next generation of barre evangelists. Students and or teachers with valid IDs can purchase bundles that cost just over $12 per barre class
Are you currently franchising?

Pink Barre is offering unique opportunities to women entrepreneurs who desire to own their studio(s) but have been unable to secure the right locations at other franchise operators. Please inquire through our corporate licensing department to receive additional information
How large are your classes?

Each class is limited to 20 students.